Greenhouse Kits and Associated Tools

For most first-time buyers of greenhouse kits, the promises made by the sales staff in the garden supply store or website that each kit is a standalone structure was the deciding factor.

The idea is that as soon as the greenhouse is set up according to the instructions included in the package, it can immediately be used to set up a year-round mini-garden filled with the desired plants from fruits and vegetables to flowers.


Reality Check

The reality, however, comes as a jolt. Many other things must be purchased to make the greenhouse functional in the sense that it can truly become the place where plants can thrive under controlled conditions. Keep in mind that many of the greenhouse kits available only contain the basic structure itself from the foundation and frame to the walls and roof as well as the ventilation openings like the door. All the other tools, equipment and supplies must be purchased separately.

Now, you may be thinking that these things will represent additional expenses and, thus, you may balk at buying them. But you must remember that it is a difficult task, indeed, to garden with your bare hands, from transplanting the seedlings to watering the plants. You will need the right tools, equipment and supplies to make greenhouse gardening easier, more effective and more productive.

Don’t be put off by the cost of these things either since your investment in simple gardening tools will pay for themselves once the fruits of your labor are harvested. Besides, what kind of a gardener will you be if and when you don’t have the tools of a gardener?


Basic Greenhouse Tools

So, when you are looking at the prices of the greenhouse kits, you must also add the costs for the following basic tools, equipment and supplies. You may also think of the ways to save on costs by using scrap materials, recycling old pieces of gardening equipment and building your own tools. In many instances, however, you may have to purchase the things to enjoy high-quality performance.

  • Depending on the greenhouse requirements, you can opt for the manual watering tools like water can, hose and bucket or you can go for the mechanical systems composed of things like automatic sprinklers and trickle irrigation.
  • ¬†Cooling and heating equipment can also be as simple as propane heaters and a greenhouse fans to as sophisticated as automated systems. You must discuss the requirements of the greenhouse kits being considered for purchase since many cost-saving but still effective measures can be used to cool and heat the greenhouse. For example, barrels filled with water can be positioned in the sunny areas so that these can absorb the heat of the sun during the day and then disperse the heat at night. Such an ingenious method can help in the prevention of too hot and too cold temperatures inside the structure.
  • ¬†Gardening supplies like hoes, trowels and sticks, pots, containers, benches, shelves, and organic fertilizers, among others, must also be purchased.

In the end, the best greenhouse kits in the market are only as good as the gardeners that use these structures. If you know how to maintain the ideal conditions for the plants inside the greenhouse, how to use the tools in the correct manner and how to actually garden, the plastic-and-wood structure is only your stage and you are the star performer.

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