Why is a Greenhouse Fan Important?

What are greenhouse fans and do you need one?

First of all, they are fans used in backyard greenhouses to stop the dramatic rise of heat and humidity. The air that is in the greenhouse is replaced by cooler and drier air. This also helps to keep the greenhouse from losing CO2.

The plants produce carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and hydrogen. They use chlorophyll that is absorbed from heat sources in the greenhouse.

Exhaust Fan Ventilation System

When the green house is ventilated by using a fan this can be called an exhaust fan ventilation system. This system has intake shutters that allow the fresh air to enter and replace the old air.

Because plants need fresh air all year – not just in the summer – a greenhouse fan is almost a necessity. These fans are also good for preventing loss of heat in the winter.

Planning for Your Greenhouse Fan

A greenhouse fan will take a little planning when deciding where it will be placed and where the vents will need to be placed.

If your greenhouse is a walk-in greenhouse type, the wall directly opposite of the door is the best placement for your fan.

The fan should be placed high up and two more fans should be placed a couple of feet from the entrance on the floor. One on each side will suffice.

One thing you want to remember is to look for ventilation systems with heat resistant metal so the risk of heat loss in cold weather is minimized. This will help to take care of your plants which could die from the cold weather and will save on your heating bills.

Another thing you should remember is that the ventilation helps to move air within the greenhouse and this in turn helps to transfer heat from the plants to the air in the greenhouse.

Automated Systems

An automated system may be the way to go in your greenhouse. The system can be set up to maintain a certain temperature.

If you should forget to vent or turn the heat on you could end up with plants that are in really bad shape. The type of system with a thermostat will keep the temperature at a certain level and this helps plants to flourish.

The winter temperature of your backyard greenhouse will depend on a couple of different factors. The location of the greenhouse and how much of it is exposed to the sun is one factor.

In the daylight hours even in the winter, the sun can heat a greenhouse and if you have inside heat too high, the plants will be wilting from the abundance of heat.

The night temperatures will need to be adjusted especially in very cold climates. This is another instance in which the automatic heating system comes in handy.

Another advantage to the automatic system is it requires a lot less work to keep the temperature consistent and keep your plants in a growing stage.

The Wrap Up

Your greenhouse will be a great place for growing the plants you want to grow if you keep it well ventilated and the temperature regulated to keep it from getting too hot or too cold as well as not being too dry.

Plants are great. They can do a little of everything from giving your home a great look to providing an income if you have a medium to large greenhouse.

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