Greenhouse Designs – Get the Perfect Look

There are a number of different greenhouse designs to choose from when you decide to build or purchase your new backyard greenhouse.

Which design you choose will largely depend on how much room you have to build, the type you prefer, and how many plants you are planning to grow.

Here are a few of the most popular designs…

Different Greenhouse Designs

There are several different types so the following may help you decide which one would be the best one for your needs.

1) A detached greenhouse is the type that stands alone although it can be attached to a work area that you maintain for repotting plants or keeping supplies. The detached greenhouse can be as large or as small as you need.

The location should be close to an electrical connection so you can use any heating or cooling devices you may need as the plants require.

If you live in a southern climate you may need to cool the greenhouse or warm it if you are in a northern climate.

2) Ridge/Furrow greenhouses are attached. However, they are only attached at the lower edges of the roof and then only by a gutter.

There is no inside wall under the gutter. This is done on purpose for increased efficiency purposes.

The ridge and furrow green houses can have gabled or curved arches. The gabled are usually built for using glass or fiberglass covering and the curved arches use lighter materials such as polyethylene for covering.

3) The barn style greenhouse is as you may have guessed shaped like a barn. The roof is wide and it has shorter walls than normal.

This is usually the type that people choose if they live in the country because it goes along with the theme they have set with their home.

Another use for this type is if you want to add a rustic or vintage appeal to your backyard greenhouse. This type can be an attached green house or it can stand alone.

4) A dome greenhouse is shaped like the top half of a ball and is put on the ground unattached to anything other than the ground.

This is a free standing type of greenhouse and has no side walls. This is one of the most popular greenhouse designs.

5) The gothic style greenhouse is a very good looking backyard greenhouse but it should not be attached to your home unless this is the style of your home as well.

The historical look it gives your home and garden is beautiful and this type is great for northern climates where there is a nominal amount of snowfall. The design of the roof and walls make snow slide off rather than piling up.

This can also be constructed as a freestanding greenhouse.

6) The hoop greenhouse is the cheapest of all the greenhouse designs to construct.

This is a metal or PVC pipe which makes a hoop and then is covered with plastic. The cost of constructing this type of greenhouse is a very good price for the budget minded, but in the long run you will end up having to replace the plastic every couple of years (depending on the quality of plastic used).

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