Glass Fire Pits – Add Ambiance to a Patio

Are glass fire pits for you? Fire pits are a great way to add an element of warmth and style to your outdoor space.

There are a wide variety of shapes and sizes to compliment any style, garden or yard size, and decor. From permanent fire pits to glass fire pits, there is a style for everyone. The most popular fire pits include glass fire pit tables, terra cotta fire pits, and steel fire pits.

Glass Fire Pit Tables

For those looking for style and atmosphere rather than warmth, a glass fire pit table is the perfect option. These tables are great for gathering around and enjoying the company of family and friends, and they are portable.

Glass fire pit tables do not require wood. A crystal fire burner is located in the middle of the table, often covered and surrounded by decorative tempered glass beads. With a simple push of a button, a glowing fire appears in the center of the table. Or, glass fire pit tables can be hooked up to an LP or natural gas line for unlimited flame time.

Terra Cotta Fire Pit

Terra Cotta fire pits are the perfect addition to a deck or patio. These are typically larger than other types of fire pits, hold more wood than steel fire pits, and are more durable than glass fire pits. Even though these fire pits are larger, they can still be moved if needed, though not as easily as a glass fire pit table.

There are two types of terra cotta fire pits. You can purchase one for use with real wood, or you can purchase one that uses propane or natural gas. Any of these options will allow you to have a beautiful fire to warm up after a cool swim, as a focal point on your patio, as a beautiful accent in a corner space, or as the centerpiece for a family gathering.

Steel Fire Pits

Steel fire pits that burn wood are typically the least expensive type of fire pit. These can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, from large, deep bowls with cut-out shapes to more shallow basins. While the majority of steel fire pits burn real wood, there are some gas fire pits available that use propane or natural gas to ignite a flame, just like glass fire pit tables.

No matter what type of fire pit you choose, a steel, terra cotta, or glass fire pit table, you will enjoy the atmosphere that a warming fire can create, any time of the year, in your own back yard.

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