Fire Features

When it comes to fire features you have your choice of garden fire pits, chimineas, fire bowls, and mroe. You will certainly make your outdoor sitting area more romantic and functional, with garden fire pits. There are various models to select from available on the market. You can readily choose one in line with your preferences and requirements.

Still, in order to make your search quicker and more effective, you should become familiar with the main types of outdoor firepits first.


Fire Pits

fire pit designs, stone fire pit Patio firepits are ideal for backyard patios. You will soon discover that they will allow to you to get several extra months of enjoyment of your patio each year.

With their increasing popularity there are now tons of great styles and models to choose from. You can get firepits in copper, stone, metal, you can also get them customized with artistic designs such as deer, elk, cactus, etc. on ths side of the fire pit.

Not only are there different styles of fire pits available, but there are also different types of fire pits. For example, you can go with the traditional wood burning style fire pit, or go for an easier and nicer gas fire pit.



cast iron chiminea, chiminea The chimineas are also great garden firepit models. They have designs resembling the ones of stoves with pot bellies. The traditional models have a totally rustic appeal. There are also contemporary models with geometric designs and exotic styles.

The main advantage of the chimineas is that they have a chimney which channels the smoke and takes it to the atmosphere above your head. In this way, you will not get to experience discomfort from breathing the smoke in. The chimineas have one main drawback. The heat they produce is focused only in one direction.


Fire Pit Bowls

You can readily opt for a traditional circular garden firepit. It has a single bowl, in which the fire burns. The bowl can be shallow or deep. Most models have traditional flatter designs, but some have the design of a cauldron. Most models have legs, but some do not. For instance, there are firepits made from stones and cement that can be placed directly onto the ground. Still, these are not to be placed on wooden patio decks.

The circular garden fire pits have elegant and somewhat majestic appeal. They radiate heat in all directions which is a great benefit. This feature makes them more functional. Indeed, you will fill as if you are around a camp fire, while relaxing in your back yard.

The main disadvantage of these models is that they produce smoke, when the wood inside is burning. The smoke can go into any direction and cause discomfort. Thankfully, there are different solutions to this problem. One of them is to choose circular garden fire pits with a screen that has one opening in the middle. A more effective solution is to opt for a model that works with propane or natural gas.

Outdoor Fireplaces

The outdoor fireplaces are the most sophisticated garden firepit models. They have the designs of traditional indoor fireplaces. The smoke is channeled through a chimney, so you can readily enjoy the full warmth of the fire without the pollutants it produces. Most units are made from durable steel and have excellent durability.

The outdoor fireplaces are functional and elegant, but they are the most expensive of all garden fire pits.

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