4 Seasons Sunrooms / 3 Seasons Sunrooms

There are two main types of sunrooms on the market today – four seasons sunrooms and three seasons sunrooms. As the names imply, each one is designed for certain usages, either all year round, or for just three of the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter).

Four Seasons Sunrooms

As we just discussed, a four seasons sunroom is designed for the homeowner to be able to use the room year round, even through harsh winters.

This type of sunroom will typically be used as a permanent portion of the home. This includes being fed off the homes heating and cooling systems.

Because these rooms are designed for full time usage, they typically require more insulation, and double or triple glazed glass. These features all combine to give you a well insulated structure that retains heat and keeps you warm even through a harsh winter.

Three Seasons Sunrooms

As you can probably guess by now – a three seasons sunroom is designed for homeowners who only care to use the room during Spring, Summer, and Fall. Depending on your climate, it is possible that you can get year round usage from this type of sunroom.

A three season room typically will not be connected to your home’s heating and cooling system. Most homeowners prefer to use ceiling fans, isolating fans, portable air conditioners, or even open the windows and the breeze blow through to cool their rooms. During colder months portable space heaters can help.

Three season sunrooms are less expensive, because you are not paying for all the extra insulation. Plus, unless you opt to do so, you do not have to pay for the added cost of hooking up your new room to your heating and cooling systems.

Which is right for you?

Ultimately, you will have to decide. Take into account how you plan on using your new addition. How much time do you plan on spending in the room? What’s your climate like? How much will your budget allow you to spend?

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