Fire Pits

When preparing to add a fire pit to your deck, patio, or backyard you need to be aware of the different types that are available, and also your options for building your own.

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Types of Fire Pits

There are several main types of fire pits on the market today that we will discuss here. There is a wide variety of styles available for each type as well.

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Whether you are looking for something simple that you can use on occasion, or if you are looking for something more functional, or even if you are looking to make this a feature in your backyard – there is surely something to meet every need.

Portable Fire Pit
A less expensive and more versatile option is the portable fire pit. These are typically range from inexpensive to semi-expensive, depending on the style and materials used. These are the types you generally see in large retail store or home improvement center…

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Fire Pit Sets
Fire pit sets have grown in popularity over the past few years as the cool factor for chimineas started wear off and fire pits became the “new thing”. When they started out fire pits were simple bowls with legs and maybe a screen lid. Now days, fire pit sets are designed like tables with tile and stylish features that make them the center piece of a deck or patio.

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Outdoor Gas Fire Pit
If you are looking to add a fire pit that is meant to be more of a permanent feature – then an outdoor gas fire pit could be ideal for you. These types of fire pits come in a wide range of styles and designs. You can find something from the inexpesive to super expensive depending on your budget…

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Glass Fire Pits
This type of fire feature is typically reserved for more high end homes. They combine look of fire with glass beads that sparkle like diamonds. These stylish center pieces are most often gas operated…

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Build Your Own Fire Pit

Another option is to build your own fire pit. Not everyone wants somehting as formal or expensive as some of the options listed above. If you have some basic DIY skills you can easily build something that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. From a basic rock circle to a more traditional tile or stone pit you can easily design your own or find plans online…

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Fire Pit Designs

If you decide to build your own, there are a number of things to take into consideration when choosing your outdoor fire pit designs.

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