Fire Pit Designs

Investing in unique fire pit designs will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space a little more throughout the year.

A fire pit will not only bring warmth to a chilly day or evening, but it is also a beautiful accent to your outdoor living space, or a soothing way to gather with family and friends.

There are several types of fire pit designs, ensuring there is something for everyone, no matter what size space you have or what your budget is.


Permanent Fire Pit Designs

When you want a huge fire pit, and have the space for something large and permanent, then this is the fire pit for you. Most people with a permanent fire pits build their own, which means that permanent fire pit designs are only limited by your imagination.

fire pit designs, stone fire pit


These fire-pits typically burn wood only. They can be deep holes in the ground with a few rocks around the edge to keep the fire contained, or they can be elaborate stone, concrete, and tile fire pits that stand a few feet tall. Some outdoor fire pits resemble a fireplace more than a fire pit.


Fire Pit Tables

Fire pit tables are outdoor tables with a bowl in the middle to hold a propane or gas flame, often with glass stones covering the burner to add elegance to the table. Fire pit tables are more for decorative purposes, then to generate heat. However, the benefits of using these tables are that they are portable and can be moved around your outdoor space easily. You can have flickering flames with the simple push of a button. These are great for gathering with family and friends.


Fire Pit Bowls

Fire pit bowls are typically larger fire pit designs that are portable, bowl shaped pots that can hold a real wood fire or a gas or propane burner. Some fire pit designs include deep steel bowls with cut-out shapes, or shallow bowls on stands with intricate details. Fire pit bowls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making this a great option for those on a strict budget.


Fire Pit Columns

Fire pit columns are more decorative than anything else. They are placed outside in corners as accessories or can be part of a stone fence or divider. Fire pit columns are typically made of stone, cement, or slate and come in various heights. These columns are usually round or square shaped, with a small fire bowl at the top. These are not used as a centerpiece but are used most often to enhance an outdoor living space with existing fire pit designs that include a larger fire pit focal point. So, whatever your needs there are plenty of fire pit designs that are sure to please.

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