Durasol Awnings

Durasol Awnings come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. They can be used for a wide range of purposes though the most common is to provide shade from the sun in one way or another.

Durasol offers many great products to help protect you, your home, your family, and your business from the sun and some of the harmful effects it can have.

The sun is the source of many great things but there are also a few negative side effects that go along with long exposure to sunlight. These effects go far beyond skin damage, which, for many people, is bad enough. Sunlight can damage furniture, fade carpet and drapery, and even damage products in store windows. Not to mention, at certain times of the day, sunlight streaming in can be painful (and harmful) to human eyes.

Deck and Patio Awnings

Today, more than ever before, people are beginning to take action to make their outdoor area an additional living space. Bright light from the sun and excessive heat during those long summer days can make enjoying your great outdoors a little less pleasurable. That’s where Durasol Awnings comes into the picture and does a great job of making your time spent outdoors much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Durasol offers four different types of patio and deck awnings. The SunShelter Elite, which is a retractable awning, has a 12-year factory warranty that can be expanded or retracted with the pressing of a button or the turning of a crank. The SunShelter Select comes in a wide selection of colors to suit your home or garden decor, is also retractable, and offers a 10-year warranty.

The SunShelter Classic is an affordable option for people looking for the protection of an awning but without the budget for more stylish options. This awning offers various control options and comes with a 5-year warranty. The WeatherMaster Awning is a stationary awning that is designed to accommodate outdoor living three seasons out of the year. This awning also has a 5-year warranty.

Window Awnings

Durasol Awnings that are made for windows provide year round protection from the sun for items in the path of the sunlight that would otherwise come streaming through your windows. But the benefits do not end there. These helpful awnings also help keep cooling costs down in the summer months by limiting the amount of sunlight that streams through your windows as well. There are three different designs for Durasol Awnings for windows and each one offers a 5-year warranty.

Commercial Awnings

Durasol Awnings that are used for commercial purposes serve many purposes but one of the most important purposes for many businesses is to add distinction to the business or store “front” area. Awnings can be used to set one business apart from another and to further any branding endeavors that are so important to businesses these days.

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