Duramax Shed

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The Duramax Shed Store carries a variety of Duramax Sheds to meet your every need. Whether you need a small storage shed, a large shed, or maybe even a garage – Duramax has something to meet your needs.

Some of the most popular Duramax outdoor sheds include:

  • Duramax Yardmate series
  • Duramax Duramate series
  • Duramax Sidemate series
  • Duramax Woodbridge series
  • Duramax Yardsaver series
  • Duramax Garages
  • Duramax Foundations
  • and much more…

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Duramax Shed – Quality and Durability

What makes a Duramax shed one of the top selling storage shed brands on the market? Quality, durability, and a shed that requires very little maintenance.

Duramax vinyl storage sheds are built from heavy duty rigid vinyl that is virtually maintenance free. You never have worry about painting a shed from Duramax, and you can rest comfortably knowing your Duramax storage shed will:

  • Will Not Rot
  • Will Not Mildew
  • Will Not Fade
  • Will Not Dent

Duramax storage sheds are reinforced with steel for extra strength. Duramax tests their sheds for strong wind, heavy snow loads, and fire resistance.

Duramax Yardmate
If you have limited space available in your yard, Duramax makes a small line of sheds called Yardmate.

Yardmates offer all the strength, and durability of larger Duramax sheds only it comes in a smaller package.

Garages by Duramax

If you need a structure larger than the standard shed sizes, Duramax manufactures some of the largest sheds available.

If you need to store larger items like a boat, tractor, vehicle, or other large items – Duramax has sheds large enough to accomodate your needs.

Why Duramax Sheds are Popular

You can trust your Duramax storage shed will be as durable as it is dependable. It’s built to last for many years to come.

As you’ve seen, Duramax offers a wide variety of sizes of buildings for you to choose from. You can get a typical sized storage shed, or much larger sizes that can be used as carports, shops, place to store your boat, etc.

Your options are wide open with Duramax, and because they are made with all weather vinyl you don’t have to worry with painting or regularly maintaining your Duramax shed.

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