Deck Staining

Want to improve your deck, but not sure if deck staining is the right answer.

Or, maybe you have been putting it off because your unsure how to stain a deck.

Maybe you are afraid you might mess it up and it ends up looking worse than it does now.

Despite the reasons you may not have done it yet, deck staining can dramatically change the appearance of your deck, and even have a major impact on the overall appearance of your home as well.

So, let’s take a look to see just what is involved in staining a deck…


How to Stain a Deck – Procedures

If you take your time and try not to rush the job, deck staining is not nearly as hard or aggravating as it may seem. A little patience and effort and you will have a deck that may look better than it when it was new.

Let’s take a look at the steps involved in staining a deck:

  •  Cover all plants and structures around your backyard deck – you don’t want to finish the job only to discover that your plants, or maybe your fence, now has stain freckles on it.
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  • Be sure deck is clean and dry – if your deck is not clean before you start you may stain over debris that when eventually moves reveals the old color of your deck.
  • Open the cans of deck stain and stir – try not make too many bubbles. Few or No bubbles makes for an even application.
  • Apply a thin coat to small section of the deck – Be sure not to let the stain “puddle” up. You can apply your stain by roller, by brush, or by sprayer –
    it’s your choice.
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  • Keep applying stain to small sections of the deck one at a time – Don’t get ahead of yourself. By doing a small section at a time you can make sure everything is covered evenly.
  • Stain railings and balusters – For deck railings and balusters you can brush them or you can find an old spray bottle, clean it out really well, pour in some of your stain, then simply spray the stain on and wipe away with a dry, lent free cloth.
  • Let entire deck dry – do not rush this step, afterall, you don’t want to have to restain the deck.
  • Add a second coat if you desire – Be sure first coat on deck is completely dry.
  • Clean your staining utensils
  • ENJOY!


Final Thoughts on Deck Staining

One of the most important things to remember when deck staining is to take your time. If you try to rush the job you will almost certainly miss some spots, or wind up with some parts of the deck different shades than others.

However, if you take your time and go section by section and pay attention to the details the end product will be worth a little extra time.

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