Deck Ideas

Constructing a deck isn’t as easy as it sounds or looks. There are many considerations that go into the design of an outdoor deck. There are design styles, various materials to consider and then there’s size and functionality.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a deck that would be perfect for what you’re going to use it for, we’re going to help you out. The following are some innovative deck ideas that other homeowners have used to really make their outdoor areas stand out. Choose one or more and narrow down your choice. Don’t worry, you’re closer than you think to constructing the perfect deck for your home.

Party Deck

If you love to invite company over, even if you don’t have a pool, you’ll love the ambience provided by the party deck. Party decks are not unlike an outdoor room to your house. They are usually partially covered and provide close seating for a small group of people. Simple and elegant, a party deck can be just the design you’re looking for.

Fire Pit Deck

This deck idea is gaining in popularity. It provides enough seating and sunbathing room for the home’s family and a small group of friends and there is even a fire pit set into it. These types of decks provide the perfect atmosphere for a nighttime of relaxation as you all lounge by the fire and chit chat until the sun comes up.

Decks For Small Budgets

If you don’t have a huge budget for the deck ideas you’re considering, you can often get away with cheaper design materials. For example, there are small-budget decks that feel as though there is a terrace on the ground. These outside decks provide a quiet and relaxing outdoor area and yet they’re simple enough to keep costs down.

Privacy Decks

Enclosed decks are becoming the rage as more and more people are choosing staycations. Instead of traveling to a tropical locale, just lounge around at home on your own private deck. These deck ideas are often creative, such as using horizontal tree stakes to enclose the deck off to neighbors and everyone else. If you like your privacy, this may be the deck idea for you.

Deck With A Spa

Talk about a vacation at home. Many homeowners are combining their decks with spas in order to provide a place to party or relax. Young and old will love this deck idea as it’s just like taking a tropical escape except you never have to leave the comfort of home.

Decks For Dining

If you frequently like to entertain guests or you like to eat your dinners outdoors when it’s nice, this is one deck idea that might tickle your fancy. These dining decks make you feel like you’re sitting at a seaside cafĂ©. The decks are typically built to accommodate a good number of people and there are usually benches and enough room for tables and chairs. Don’t forget the umbrellas!

Deck Ideas With A Bar

Speaking of entertaining, a popular motif these days is the deck with a bar. Now you can act like your very own bartender or you can tend bar for your friends and family as all of you lounge out on a glorious deck. The bar can also be used as a serving counter or a buffet table for the ultimate weekend get-together.

With these deck ideas, you only need to think outside of the box. Consider how much size you have to work with, what you plan to do with your deck and the budget you have to work with. Choose wisely and the perfect deck will be yours to enjoy for years to come.

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