Copper Chimineas

Outdoor living spaces continue to become as elegant and decorated as the rooms inside your home.

One of the ways that many people are enhancing and decorating their outdoor living space is with copper chimineas. Chimineas are like small fireplaces with a built in chimney to direct smoke up and away while people enjoy the flickering flames at the bottom. Copper chimineas come in a variety shapes and sizes to compliment any outdoor space and everyone’s budget.

More Than A Decoration

Copper chimineas are more than a decoration for your backyard or garden. While most chimineas have elaborate details and sophisticated shapes, even the most plain and basic chimineas looks stunning. Chimineas look beautiful even when not in use, yet they are more than just a decoration. A chiminea can hold a beautiful fire that will warm up a chilly autumn day or a cool summer night. You and your family will enjoy the outside all year round when you have a copper chiminea to keep you warm.

Copper Chimineas Offer Portable Warmth

Chimineas come in all sizes, but even the largest copper chimineas can be moved to different locations around the exterior of your home. This is a wonderful option when you are expecting a lot of guests and need to make room on your deck or patio, or if you are the type of person that likes to rearrange furniture. Larger chimineas may require more than one person to move, but it is possible.

Versatility Is The Spice Of Life

Some copper chimineas are designed for more than one function. For example, the copper chiminea by Unique Arts can turn into a fire pit and a grill. This copper chiminea has removable parts that can be taken apart and reassembled, leaving some parts out, to create a decent sized charcoal grill, or remove all the top pieces, leaving only the bowl at the bottom for an open fire pit.

Don’t Forget The Fun

Copper chimineas are fun for the whole family. Not only can you gather around the chiminea for warmth and good conversation with friends and family, but there is even more fun to be had when you own a chiminea.

A chiminea is a great way to toast marshmallows, cook hotdogs, or anything else you would like to cook over the roasting fire. The smoke goes up the chimney, so it won’t get into the eyes of the toasters and roasters, and you can get closer to the flames without feeling extreme heat, like in an open-air fire.

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