Clay Chimineas

Clay chimineas are wonderful accents for your backyard. Not only are they wonderful fixtures to keep you and your guests warm on crisp cool evenings, but they can also cook tasty food.

As an added bonus, they also look sensational on your patio or in your garden as a decorative piece of art.


Multiple Chiminea Parts

clay chiminea, chiminea Chimineas are built in two pieces and put together at the factory. The pieces consist of the bottom bowl where the fire is built and contained and the top portion, which is the actual chimney where the smoke flows out. It is very soothing as well entertaining to sit around a chiminea late at night and watch the flicking fire in the bowl and the smoke drifting up into the night air.

Both the top and bottom portions of the chiminea have an important role to play. But, you must remember that just because your new fixture arrives in one piece, it can be easily broken if you do not handle it properly. This is especially true for clay chimineas because the clay between the bowl and chimney or neck portion is very fragile. It is for this reason that you should never pick up your chiminea by the neck.


Withstand High Heat

Clay chimineas can withstand a lot of heat. They were designed so that the contained fire would last longer, even on nights when it is very windy in your area. This is another reason that one might prefer a chiminea over a fire pit because the fire is contained and not easily blown out by the wind.


Versatility of Clay Chimineas

Clay chimineas can be found in many different sizes. This is why they are so versatile. You could have a smaller sized one on your outside patio table for cooking meat or roasting marshmallows. Then you could possibly place a larger one on the opposite side of the patio in order to keep the entire length of the patio area warm during your evening meal.

In addition, place a third one in your garden in order to bring color and style to an otherwise dull landscaping design. But, just remember to put covers on all of your clay chimineas so that the elements do not get to them, especially the one that was placed in the garden. You do not want them to get wet, which will decrease their lifespan.

In conclusion, clay chimineas are becoming more and more popular because they are small fixtures that add a large amount of value to the average backyard living space. They are sturdy, can withstand plenty of heat and are extremely versatile. They are older fixtures that have been updated to fit into the lifestyle of modern homeowners.

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