How to Construct the Cheapest Greenhouses

Before setting out to get your own greenhouse, it is important to know whether it is economical to build it yourself or buy a greenhouse kit that you can easily assemble.

The cost of each option will determine the best method to use. Achieving the cheapest greenhouses requires that you carry out price comparisons of what is available locally.

It may be that you enjoy the feel of tending your own fruits and vegetables but are reluctant to pay the price involved with buying a greenhouse kit. It is true in some places that even a simple kit for a small area will cost you no less than a thousand dollars. In the current economic situation few people are ready to spend that kind of money on greenhouse materials.

You will be pleasantly surprised to hear that it is possible to get the cheapest greenhouse with just a few hundred dollars. This can easily be achieved by building your own greenhouse or purchasing a portable greenhouse, or small greenhouse such as the popular 4 tier mini greenhouse.


Where to Find How To Build Cheap Greenhouses

There is a lot of information online that can help you to purchase all the materials you need and install your very own greenhouse. Basically, you will find this information on most Do It Yourself (DIY) sites. Besides material requirements, these sites offer you a step by step guide on how to construct a greenhouse that suits your own requirements as far as size and shape is concerned. This is probably the only way for you to get the cheapest greenhouse.

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There are also books and software available that can provide you with excellent information on how to construct your greenhouse at a minimum cost.


Choosing Greenhouse Materials

A quick online search for greenhouse materials that are on sale can be a good option for picking up cheap materials. Buying materials that you need when they are on sale and storing them until you have everything you need can cut down your cost significantly. You will find that you save a lot and in some cases the cost of your greenhouse will only be a fraction of the total estimated cost. Armed with some basic skills in carpentry and an instructions manual, you can build the cheapest greenhouse.


Important Cheap Greenhouse Factors

It is important to remember that your greenhouse beds need to face direction of the sun for optimum exposure. Take care that you use the recommended measurements and plant spacing.

Using simple wooden trusses and plastic will give you a realistic chance of having the cheapest greenhouse. The fact that the materials you’re using are cheap does not mean that they are necessarily of poor quality. If constructed well, the frame will be as steady as any factory-made greenhouse kit.

You may want to consider using LED grow lights if you experience extreme cold weather and insufficient lighting during the winter months. These will supplement the solar lighting by providing extra heat during the short daylight hours. In addition the extra warmth will give your crops an extended growth period. The benefits are that you will not have to go without fresh fruits or vegetables just because of weather conditions.


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