Cedar Pergola

A cedar pergola adds a rustic feel to your outdoor area. Available in heavy beam, California style, free standing and many other designs, cedar pergolas have long been a favorite of builders everywhere.

The reason cedar is chosen for this type of structure is because it is naturally resistant to rotting and it’s easily worked and finished with stain or paint. But cedar also looks great ‘au natural’.

Cedar Pergola Kits

cedar pergolaWith so many styles of pergolas to choose from, you might want to go with a cedar pergola kit. You only have to search online or at your local home improvement store for a pergola kit that will allow you to construct your ideal design in just a matter of days or sooner. With pergola kits, you get all the materials, the measurements, detailed instructions and all the hardware. You can even customize your kit so that it provides the exact look and amount of shade you’re looking for. If you want easy construction, a cedar kit is what you’re looking for.

What Style To Choose?

The first thing you will notice looking through photographs of cedar pergolas is that there are tons of design styles. You have pergolas that attach to the side of the house or that provide accents over doors and windows. Then you have pergolas that are freestanding and that look great over a pool or garden. There are even pergolas that come attached to gazebos for a structure combination that demands attention. Whether you’re interested in shade or purely aesthetics, there is a cedar pergola kit that is perfect for you.

Shopping Around

When shopping for cedar pergolas, it is important to consider the color of paint or stain you want and the design style. But you also must consider space. Make sure your outdoor area is large enough to house your pergola. Nothing is more frustrating than having a kit arrive only to find out that you can’t construct it due to limited space. Measure thoroughly and ask plenty of questions of your pergola retailer. The perfect cedar pergola is out there. You just have to have patience until you find it.

Cedar Pergola Maintenance

You will want to keep your cedar pergola clean so as to protect it from dirt and mildew. Don’t use any harsh chemicals but keep to plain water or use a mild detergent if you absolutely have to. Some cleaners can cause discoloration so test a small inconspicuous area before applying any chemicals to the entire structure. When finished cleaning, hose the structure down thoroughly and allow it to air dry naturally. As a general rule, you will want to wash your pergola every three weeks or so.

It may be necessary to repaint or reseal your cedar pergola as time goes on. Check with your manufacturer’s warranty to find out what’s covered and for how long. Cedar pergolas can require a little bit of maintenance, but they’ll stay looking great and strong for decades to come if you take care of them properly.

If you are looking to add style and grace to your outdoor area, why not go cedar? A cedar pergola will provide you with shade and style you want while keeping to your budget. That’s right, cedar pergolas are perfectly affordable and get this, they are impervious to insects. That means no termites, either. The bottom line is that a cedar pergola is just what you’ve been missing at home. Buy a kit today and you’ll see exactly what you have to gain from this decoration phenomenon that is sweeping the U.S. as we speak.

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