Cast Iron Chimineas

Why do you need a cast iron chiminea? Well first let me ask, what is usually the first thing that you see when you walk into an average family room?

Besides, the big screen television set, it is usually the fireplace. This is because it is bright, warm, cozy and provides a desirable source of warmth. The same thing can be said about cast iron chimineas.

They also conjure up emotions of warmth and comfort. On a cool autumn evening, cast iron chimineas can also become the focal point of your living space, but in the backyard. Instead of the family congregating around the television set or inside fireplace, they will find it enjoyable to sit around the warmth of a cozy cast iron chiminea.


Benefits of Cast Iron Chimineas

cast iron chiminea, chimineaIt is believed that the clay chiminea was the first on the scene; however, through the years, cast iron chimineas have also become very popular. They are considered to be very long lasting and very capable of providing the needed heat that most homeowners need on windy evenings.

Not only can they provide a source of light, but they can also make it possible for you to spend an entire autumn evening on your patio without it getting too cold or too dark. Cast iron chimineas make it easy to extend your living space and spend more time in your back yard.



Cast iron chimineas are considered to be very useful and beautiful fixtures because of their smart design. You will not have to worry about their paint chipping or flaking off, which is usually why homeowners have to replace other types of chimineas. However, you do have to make sure that cast iron chimineas never get wet. This is because water will cause them to rust. This does not mean that you can never use your chiminea again, it just will not look as attractive because of the rust. It is for this reason that you should always keep them covered when they’re not in use. This will reduce the risk of their getting wet and rusty.

However, some people actually prefer the rusted look as they say it gives the chiminea a nice patina. There is certainly nothing wrong with this if this is your preference.


Hot and Heavy

Cast iron chimineas are known for getting very hot and for being very heavy. They can produce a lot of heat and they weigh a lot. It is for this reason that they seldom tip over. However, it is suggested that if you have children or pets that you get some type of guard to keep them away from the chiminea because of the bright heat source. Obviously, they can become very hot and can cause injury if touched. But, producing a lot of heat has its advantages because cast iron chimineas produce steady even heat, which is perfect for a family backyard barbecue.

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