Review of Top Canopies

Over the past several years there has been an influx of affordable canopies on the market which can make it very confusing to know which brand, model, and style is right for you. Anytime there is a new product trend you get a large number of imports and knock offs which means you need to be even more cautious and do your homework so you don’t buy a sub-par product.

To help you know which products you can trust we did some research on the most popular types of canopies and gazebos on the market – here’s what we found:

Backyard Canopy

One of the most popular style of canopies is the patio canopy or gazebo canopy. These typically have a metal frame with a fabric canopy covering. The good canopies have a heavy duty fabric that is designed to stand up to the standard elements. The good canopies also typically come with a water repellant coating to keep you.

If you are looking for an affordable canopy for your own backyard check out our 10×10 shade canopy review.

If you are interested in something a little nicer, but still affordable, then check out this review of the Tiverton gazebo.

Car Canopy

Of course, not every canopy is for sitting under – some are designed to be used as an affordable car port. When it comes to car canopies there are some really nice ones, but there are also some really cheap ones that you should steer away from. If you want to know which one we felt was worth the investment – check out this car canopy review

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