Backyard Greenhouse

A backyard greenhouse is a must-have for any true blue (or should I say true green?) gardening enthusiast.

These structures provide gardeners their on little oasis from the stresses of their everyday lives.

No matter their use – be it growing seedlings, flower gardening, growing fruits and vegetables, or perhaps growing tropical plants, a backyard greenhouse can do it all.

A Greenhouse allows you to continue your hobby year round. Why should you have to wait for Spring and Summer to do what you love?

Don’t let Fall and Winter take your fun away!


Ready for Your Own Backyard Greenhouse?

The first things you need to decide on is:

greenhouse, green house, backyard greenhouse

  • How big a structure you want
  • What plants you plan to grow
  • Where the green house will sit
  • How much you can afford to spend

Once you have all this information you’re well on your way to getting your very own backyard greenhouse.

Now you need to consider which of the many greenhouse designs you would like and what products it will be made from.

The most popular style is made from polycarbonate, which is the milky clearish plastic you often see used on smaller backyard greenhouses.

Polycarbonate often comes in panels or sheets and can be used with various framing materials. Polycarbonate is a durable material that requires little maintenance.

greenhouse, green house, backyard greenhouse

A higher end, more permanent style, is made from windows and glass.

These houses are as attractive as they are useful. Building your structure with windows has many benefits.

As you prepare to make your decision there are a couple of greenhouse tips you should keep in mind.

TIP: Depending on the size of your structure you may need to consider adding a greenhouse fan in order to keep it properly ventilated.


Portable Greenhouses

portable greenhouse, mini greenhouse, greenhouse, backyard greenhouseIs your backyard too small, or is there just not enough free space to fit a full size greenhouse?

Looking for a small unit that can stay on your backyard patio or porch?

A portable greenhouse offers the same features as their larger counterparts except they are mini greenhouses.

There are a number of various sized mini units are available, including a 4 tier mini greenhouse which is one of the most popular portable models.


Choosing the Right Greenhouse

How do you know which style and type of backyard greenhouse to choose? That really depends on your personal preference. Everyone has their own tastes…

However, you should be aware of the greenhouse options available to you.

Once you know what styles and material options are available, you then need to decide which one is the most practical and affordable to meet your needs.


Purchasing the Perfect Greenhouse

For the best deals and best selection of greenhouses on the web, I highly recommend you check out all the options at All

They carry all the top brands including Juliana, Sunshine, Arrow, Duramax, and so on… They also carry a diverse selection of different types of green houses including aluminum, western red cedar, miniatures, cold frames, lean-to’s, and every other imaginable type.


Build Your Own Backyard Greenhouse

There are a number of very affordable greenhouse kits that can be put together using tools you probably already own. Also check out this informative article on planning and building a greenhouse.  

Looking to Make Money?

Many backyard gardeners have discovered that they can earn enough money selling seedlings, plants, flowers, or produce to pay for their green house many times over. Of course, you can do as much or as little as you choose – you call the shots – this is YOUR greenhouse, remember?

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Remember to grow your hobby at a steady pace, so it doesn’t outgrow you. Now, get out there and get growing!

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