Backyard Greenhouse Tips to Consider

How do you go about choosing size, style, and materials for your new backyard greenhouse? These are the questions that may be running through your mind if you are about to purchase a greenhouse for the first time.

If this is your first greenhouse, or maybe your wanting to upgrade and get a little more serious with your hobby you need to have all this information so you can make an informed decision.

Well, here’s a couple of things you should consider before you take that next step.

When Building a Greenhouse Consider:

1. Location: How much room do you have available? How much sunlight does that area receive? How much sunlight will your chosen plants require?

2. Size: How many types of plants, and how many of each type do you plan to keep in your green house? This will help you determine what size you need.

3. Budget: How much do you plan to spend? Set a Max. spending limit up front. Spending too much will take some of the thrill away for you. If you can’t afford one as big as you like, get one that you can add on to later!

4. Restrictions: Does your local government or neighborhood group regulate such additions to your lawn or property?

5. Purpose: What is your goal of owning your own greenhouse? Is it just to grow your own seeds? Is it to grow flowers? Vegetables? Do you hope to entertain friends inside your new space?

Knowing what your ultimate goal is will help a ton in choosing the perfect sized greenhouse.

6. Construction: Do you plan to do the work yourself? Will you hire someone construct it for you?

Forget to consider this, and you may find yourself over budget.

Tips on Choosing Greenhouse Sizes:

Decide what you plan to grow in your backyard greenhouse first, and then follow these rules of (green)thumb:

1. Seeds and/or herbs: a smaller size will work fine.

2. Flowers: a small to mid-size should suffice. (Depending of course on number of flowers you plan to have).

3. Fruits and/or Vegetables: you should likely look for a mid- to large size.


These are not meant to be all-inclusive. You will have to give some consideration to just how many plants you ultimately want to have and make your choice.

Do you know what type of framework and material covering you plan to use? Are you aware of all the options available? If not, read over these backyard greenhouse options and get a better understanding of what’s available to you.

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