Confused by Backyard Greenhouse Options?

Knowing the difference between all the backyard greenhouse options will save you time, money, and frustration.

Which framework should you choose? What material is best?

Don’t panic! Once you’re armed with all the information it’s a snap.

Greenhouse Framework Options

The following are the 4 main types of greenhouse frames including the benefits and advantages of each:

PVC frame
This is a popular frame for hobby enthusiasts. PVC has become increasingly popular with the advent of small, (mini or portable) units.

PVC frames are very affordable and very easy to install, even for first timers.

Wood frame
Wood greenhouse frames are more durable than PVC. Typically, wood is used when the structure is made w/ glass and/or windows. Wood, obviously, provides more strength than PVC.

Plus, wood allows you to add on to your structure very easily – should you ever choose to do so.

Steel frame
If you’re looking for strength and a more permanent structure, steel is for you. However, be prepared to dig a little deeper in your wallet – steel doesn’t come cheap.

Like PVC, aluminum is an affordable option that meets the demands of most backyard enthusiasts needs.

Aluminum, is durable, lightweight, and will not rust.

Glass or Plastic

One of the most important backyard greenhouse options is choosing the covering you will use depends a lot on personal preference. Here are some basics to consider about each option:

Polyethylene is the covering you see most often. This is the heavy duty clear plastic used most often w/ PVC arched structures.

Good poly is surprisingly resistant and not as easy to rip or tear as you might first expect. However, beware of cheap imitations. Take the time to find GOOD poly from a supplier that specializes in this area.

A good polyethylene film will last you 3 to 5 years.

Polycarbonate is a UV treated material that usually comes in sheets or panels and gives you the clarity of glass. It is also one of the most popular greenhouse options.

Polycarbonate is offered in different thicknesses and is available in single, double, or triple layers. Each added layer offers more durability, and more insulating properties.

The beauty of polycarbonate is that not only is it typically very affordable, but it is should also last you approx. 15 years.

Corrugated Plastic
Corrugated Plastic is the clear, or bright see through green panels that resemble corrugated metal.

Corrugated plastic works well with wood, aluminum, or steel frames, and is very resistant to dents, tears, and kids!

Corrugated plastic is not used as often these days since polycarbonates have jumped onto the scene.

Glass offers a very crisp, clean, and arguably “fancy” look to your greenhouse.

Use glass if you are planning to make your backyard greenhouse a permanent structure. Glass is heavy, breakable, and requires a stronger frame like wood or steel.

Final Thoughts

Decide which framework and covering material will work best to fill your needs, be sure to read over these backyard greenhouse tips and then you are ready to make an informed decision about your next backyard greenhouse.

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