Awning Fabric – What Should I Know?

For the most part, awning fabric is water repellent. This is not to be confused with waterproof. The repellant part means it is resistant to water and tries to push the rain off but that is different from water resistant.

The most popular material for patio awnings is canvas.

This is the standard for awnings. Since they are outside and subject to the strong rays of the sun and the rain, they have to be made of a very strong material.

Even with the material being some of the heaviest you can buy, they usually have to be replaced about every ten years.


What to Look for in Awning Fabric

If you are looking for a really heavy duty fabric for your awning, there are ones made of 100% acrylics that will stand up to years of punishment.

One of the types of deck awnings that are used in the South, in areas such as Florida is made of this type of heavy duty material. These awnings are subject to salt water, sun of the harshest type and are resistant to most stains.

They will not mildew and are easy to clean. This is due to the way the acrylic is put together which allows it to let moisture escape.

Because of the type of acrylic material they are made of, these awnings are breathable even though they are resistant to water. This fabric is also used in many types of outdoor seating.

There are many different colors of awning material. From red to black to stripes of all different colors, you aresure to find one that you can match up to the area where you are planning to use your awning.

These materials are not only for deck and patio awnings but are also used on commercial and residential buildings, booths, and outdoor covers for items you want to keep covered. They are also used on playgrounds.

There are some awning materials that are made with a PVC coating which makes them truly water resistant and very sturdy when it comes to standing up to just about any type of weather.

Points to Consider about Awning Fabric

If you are handy you can replace your own. These fabrics are great for replacement because they are made of the same durable material and will hold up for another ten years.

When you decide to purchase a new deck awning or material, make sure it is of a quality that will stand up to the outdoor punishment that they receive for a few years before you have to replace them.


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