AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure Washer Review

You can clean it all with the AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM 14 Amp Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel. This is a great tool with tons of great uses for any homeowner.

Whether you want to clean your driveway, patio, deck, siding, gutters, walkway, poolside, patio furniture, vehicles, lawn equipment, kids toys, bikes, atv’s… whatever you need clean – the AR Blue Clean AR383 is a great pressure washer for the job.

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The AR383 boasts great features such as:

  • 1,900 PSI of power
  • Total Stop System – power to the washer is controlled by the trigger gun
  • Hose reel with hand crank to keep the hose out of your way
  • 20 foot hose
  • 30 foot power cord

The AR383 electric pressure washer is full of functions. Cold water electric pressure washer. Constructed of Copper, Aluminum and Plastic. Includes an accessory kit complete with gun, adjustable jet nozzle, high pressure hose and lance with foam dispenser. With a two-wheel trolley mounted unit with handle and hose reel. Automatic safety valve with pressure shut-off at pump head. -Total Stop System (TSS) for automatic start/stop. Attachable foamer/soap bottle. Equipped with a 3 axial-piston wobble plate pump, long-lasting induction motor, gun-wand. Gun wand assembly with a fully adjustable spray head, detergent tank, water filter, detergent injector kit and high pressure hose. -Rotary nozzle and TSS standard. GFCI and automatic safety valve with low pressure by-pass is standard on all blue clean models. Max. Volume: 1.5 GPM. Max. Pressure: 1,900 PSI. Universal electric motor 120 Volts, 60 HZ, 11 Amps. Annovi Reverberi Triplex 3 axial-piston wobble plate pump with tempered stainless steel plungers. Manual Sheet Instruction Sheet.

Customer Opinions

We have looked through dozens of reviews on this product and the majority of buyers have been please with the AR Blue Clean AR383 pressure washer. Here’s a sampling of what users have to say:

Some of the positive comments about the AR383 are – “Excellent product, even better customer service”, “This is the one to buy”, “Well constructed and works great”, “First impressions – excellent product”, and “No brainer for typical patio / yard cleaning”. Users love the power, accessories, and ease of use.

A number of negative comments had to do with a fitting that allowed water to leak at a connection, however, many users point out a metal connector you can purchase for a few bucks and easily fix this if it becomes an issue. There were also a few comments about lack of power, but that’s hard to determine if it was truly an issue with the product, or the customer may have had unusual expectations.

For a small light duty pressure washer for around the house use, the AR Blue Clean AR383 appears to be a great tool to have. At the time of this post currently has 568 reviews on the AR383 and out of those 451 rank this product with 4 to 5 stars.

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