4 Tier Mini Greenhouse

A 4 tier mini greenhouse is a great addition for any plant and flower enthusiast.

Whether you have a full size backyard greenhouse, or simply just looking for a small portable greenhouse to get your seedlings started a 4 tier miniature greenhouse is ideal for you.

You can use it as your primary greenhouse or as a starter greenhouse and simply transfer your plants/seedlings to your full size backyard greenhouse as needed.


Advantages of a 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse

A mini greenhouse offers a number of great advantages:

Enjoy a greenhouse without giving up space. Mini greenhouses take up very little room – great for those living in apartments or other small dwellings.

Easy to Move
One of the drawbacks of having a full size backyard greenhouse is that its permanent. That’s not the case with mini greenhouses. You can easily move these from one place to another.

Wire Mesh Shelves
Wire shelves allow your plants to breathe and airate, plus excess water can easily drain through so your plants are not left sitting in water.

Indoor / Outdoor
Because a 4 tier mini greenhouse takes up so little room it’s easy to use them indoors. Put them in the corner of the room, in a spare bedroom, in the basement, etc…

Keep all your plants protected from insects, birds, rabbits, cats, dogs, and mother nature.

Easy to Assemble
Quickly assemble your new mini greenhouse in no time. Typically, no tools are required for assembly.


Best Uses

Mini greenhouses are ideal for seed germination, plant propagation, and for show. You can keep everything protected, PLUS get a jump start on the growing season.

While everyone else is waiting on the frost to break – you can already be growing the first plants of the season.

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