Choose Between 3 and 4 Season Sunrooms

Sunrooms are now a standard feature in many top selling homes. The most popular home improvement project most homeowners are undertaking is to add all season sunrooms.

Besides opening up your home and adding more airy space to your home, sunrooms also add a great deal of value to your home.

The basic material in construction of sunrooms is glass, which can often be much cheaper than the cost of adding an ordinary room to a home. The energy-efficient glass windows are designed to harness the heat from the sun rays to give your sunroom warm temperatures.

Having said this, most people looking to put up sunrooms are hard pressed to decide on which sunroom is suitable for their needs. Others simply do not know that a properly constructed sunroom can be used all year round.

4 Season vs. 3 Season Sunrooms

If you like the idea of being able to sit or entertain in your sunroom during the winter months, then you want to get the four season sunroom. Four seasons sunrooms gives you a permanent solution to your space problems because you can use it any time of the year.

On the other hand, if you prefer to stay away from the sunroom during the winter months or simply cannot afford the extra cost of a four season sunroom then a 3 season sunroom is ideal for you.

4 and 3 Season Sunrooms Differences

a) Glass Type Used
Sunrooms utilize glass as a major component in their construction. The type of glass used in three season sunrooms is typically single pane tempered glass. This has lower energy efficiency levels.

With four season sunrooms, the glass used is insulated to reduce heat loss during the cold season. This feature makes them more energy efficient allowing your sunroom to stay warm during the winter months. It also prevents ultraviolet rays from entering in to your sunroom.

b) Amount and Quality of Insulation
Both the four season and three season sunrooms require insulation. However the amount and quality of insulation differs a great deal due to functionality. You will find that four season sunrooms contain additional insulation in their floors and roofs. This makes it possible for them to stay warm and usable during winter months without any adverse effects to the temperatures within.

c) HVAC Unit
The use of HVAC in 3 season and 4 season sunrooms differs considerably. The HVAC unit in a 3 season sunroom is designed to keep off any minor chills on slightly cold days. However, it lacks the necessary insulation needed to retain the heat in your sunroom during the winter. You will need to bear this in mind when deciding which sunroom is suitable for you.

The HVAC unit in four season sunrooms is designed to be used for either heating or cooling purposes. This will obviously provide you with the comfort you need, since the temperature in your sunroom can be easily controlled.

New technology has made it possible for homeowners to install their own sunrooms with a bit of hard work involved. The other alternative is to hire the services of a professional contractor to install your three or four season sunrooms.

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