10×10 Shade Canopy Review

Review: Swiss Gear 10×10 Smart Shade Canopy

It can be a hassle when you are looking to buy a 10×10 shade canopy that is reliable especially for the sole purpose of its outdoor usage in both rain and sunshine. It is important to find one that is able to withstand all sorts of weather patterns ranging from heavy rain to extremely windy days. This review is solely for the purpose of the Swiss Gear Smart Shade Canopy. When you browse online, there are several positive reviews and some negative ones. The issue here is – you’re not entirely sure which is reliable seeing as they often only describe their personal experiences and not the actual product itself. Here’s where this review differs as I provide the insights of the Swiss Gear Smart Shade Canopy.

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Product Features

10x10 shade canopy, 10x10 canopy, shade canopyWhen examining the Swiss Gear Smart Shade Canopy, one thing to point out is the sturdiness of the canopy as well as the power coated steel frame. Being 10 by 10 feet, there is difficulty in finding a reliable canopy with solid frames, however the Swiss Gear Canopy proves this finding not impossible – a definite good impression to kick-off the start.

One of the notable favorite features of this 10×10 shade canopy frame is its ability for quick and easy height adjustment with the release buttons that do NOT pinch your fingers – this being one of the most annoying aspects of assembling canopies. The legs of the Swiss Gear Smart Shade Canopy are made for increased stability as they are slanted, and they come with very heavy nail stakes in order to properly secure and anchor the canopy to the ground. This also helps boost the overall stability of the canopy hence being able to withhold high volumes of wind which is a great plus in durability and sustainability.

The canopy itself is water repellent, being made from super heavy-duty polyester, which is extremely convenient in regards to serving its purpose as a shelter. To say the least, this canopy works very effectively when exposed to the intensity of the sun. This is due to its UV resistant coating which makes the color fade-proof. This avoids the bothersome of the need to continue purchasing canopy covers over and over again due to the fading in color.

There are stabilizer arms in each corner of the Swiss Gear Smart Shade Canopy which provide for extra support in combination with the “bat-wing” type addition which also aid in stability with windy conditions. The Swiss Gear Smart Shade Canopy packs up quickly and easily into a wheeled and expandable duffle bag. The whole product weighs only a slim 36 pounds. A huge bonus especially when it comes to moving around, the Swiss Gear Canopy is one canopy that comes alongside ease and convenience.

Swiss Gear 10×10 Smart Shade Canopy – Features

  • Set Up Only Takes Minutes
  • NO Tools Required
  • Heavy Duty Polyester is UV, fade resistant, and water repellant
  • Strong, Durable, Steel Frame
  • Stores Away in a Wheeled Duffle Bag

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 49 x 10 x 8 inches; 36 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 39.6 pounds
  • Qualifies for FREE SHIPPING

Shipping and Delivery

One of the great things about purchasing larger products online is that you can usually have them delivered right to your home. This is the case with the Swiss Gear Smart Shade Canopy. Why go through all the trouble and hassle of fighting all the crowds at the mega stores, breaking your back lugging the large package in and out of your car, when you can have your canopy shipped direct to your front door for FREE??

10×10 Shade Canopy Recommendation

There is little room for improvement, let alone extra recommendations, that the Swiss Gear Smart Shade Canopy does not already provide. Consider this a high recommendation as this 10×10 shade canopy from Swiss Gear will definitely suit all your needs in both rain and sunshine.

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